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Mixing & Sound Design

The exact sound with the perfect balance can turn a simple story into an unforgettable adventure.

We create original sound effects that, along with detailed mixing (including 7.1, binaural stereo and interactive 3D sound 3D), will impact to the viewer.

Traditional Media

The sound is an art… We are sound artists.

We create sonic experiences that go beyond film, taking theany kind of project to the next level.

Digital Media

New times, new media, new challenges, new opportunities.

We are committed with tapping into the full potential that emerging media provides in order to create unrivaled sonic experiences for digital marketing, VR, and more.

360º Audio

Experience a completely immersive real life-like sound.

Take your 360° and VR content to the next level with interactive sound that rotates along with you in order to continuously reflect your point of view.


Flo VR: Virtual Reality Advertising

Advertising takes new strides into the world of virtual reality with Flo VR, a Virtual Reality advertising platform rising in popularity around the world.

Interview for El Fisgoneo

Our friends at Muv Lab were kind enough to make us an interesting interview for their digital arts YouTube channel, "El Fisgoneo".

Take your project to the next level


Take your project to the next level


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